Easy to cycle! Comfortable sea breeze! Tandem bicycles are good fun!The mayor Tateyama cycles Flower Line by tandem bicycle.

Last Update : June 4, 2018

May 31th, Kenichi Kanamaru(Mayor Tateyama) and Echiko Tamura(2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games
Tateyama City Promotion General Manager) ride tandem bicycle on Flower Line which is published Tokyo 2020 pre-games training camps guide.
They enjoyed tandem and Flower Line.
When the Netherlands cycling coach visited Tateyama in February 2017, he said to us, "Tateyama is good place for cycling. Why can't we ride tandem bicycles on public roads?"
From his opinion, Tateyama city and other organizations request Chiba Police Headquarters to permit tandem bicycles on public roads.
From April 2018, Chiba Police Headquarters permitted tandem bicycles on public roads.

Ms.Tamura said, "Actually cycling, the sea breeze is comfortable and it is easy to ride tandem bicycle.
I understand that Flower Line is popular for cyclist.
I would like to expect to lead to attracting pre-games training camps."
Mr.Kanamaru said, "Flower Line has no traffic signal, traffic volume is low.
I think that it is easy for beginner cyclist.
Because we can ride tandem bicycles while enjoying talking, I want you to ride with family and couple.
The pleasure of cycling will spread."


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