FREE Public wireless LAN access point

Last Update : November 14, 2017

   FREE Public wireless LAN access point

  Tateyama City has set up FREE public wireless LAN access point.
We hope you enjoy this service and get travel information or update your blog while you are here.

   How to set up
  •   Select “TATEYAMA_FREE_WI-FI”
  •   Password are informed at each available facilities
Available facilities Opening Day / Hours
Tateyama City Hall Monday to Friday 08:30-17:15
Community Centre Monday to Saturday 09:00-21:00
Sunday 09:00-17:00
※Closed on 3rd week of Mondays
Public Library of Tateyama Tuesday to Sunday 09:00-17:00
 Thursday 09:00-20:00
 ※Closed on Mondays(If the Monday is holiday, the following day is closed)
Nagisa no eki Tateyama
Museum of Nagisa

Passenger Terminal
Seaside Plaza / Observation Deck
 Tuesday to Sunday 09:00-16:45
※Closed on Mondays (If the Monday is holiday, the following day is closed)
Although the facilities are closed, you can still use the observation deck.
 Nano-hana Hall Monday to Saturday 09:00-21:00
 Sunday 09:00-17:00
※Closed on 3rd week of Sundays
Toyotsu Hall  Monday to Sunday 09:00-21:00
※Closed on 3rd week of Sundays
Municipal citizen's athletic ground
around the Office room
 Monday and Wednesday to Sunday 09:00-17:00
※Closed on Tuesday and 12/29-1/3
Hojo Beach Sangen-cho
free rest facilities
 Monday to Sunday 06:00-21:00
Tateyama Station
inside the alley
 Monday to Sunday 05:00-23:00
Shiroyama Castle  Monday to Sunday 06:00-21:00
Idenoo Multipurpose athletic ground
around the Changing rooms
 Monday to Sunday 09:00-21:00
※Closed on 12/29-1/3 and Transplantation of the lawn
Sunosaki Lighthouse  Monday to Sunday 06:00-21:00
  ※There might be some changes for closing date.  

Tateyama City Wi-Fi Terms of Use
Art. 1. Tateyama City Wi-Fi Terms of Use (hereinafter "the Terms of Use") defines the terms of use regarding
to the Internet connection environment (hereinafter "the Wireless LAN") established and provided by Tateyama
City (hereinafter "the City").
Art. 2. The City grants the right to use the Wireless LAN to a user who agrees to the Terms of Use
(hereinafter "the User"). An application to the City to use the Wireless LAN is not required.
2 The User shall be an individual, and any organizational use of the Wireless LAN by a company or
other similar organizations is allowed. However, this shall not apply to a condition in which the City
exceptionally determines such use is necessary.
Art. 3. The Wireless LAN is provided for free of charge. However, the User shall be liable, regardless the
reason, for the paid service which the User uses on the Internet.
Access Points and Available Hours
Art. 4. The access points and available hours of the Wireless LAN are listed in Appended Table in this document.
However, the available hours may be altered according to various events and other reasons as the City permits.
Preparation to Use the Wireless LAN
Art.5. The User shall prepare the followings to use the Wireless LAN:
(1) A device to connect to the Wireless LAN,
(2) Power supply for the device and its accessories, and
(3) Web browser and other software, if any.
Prohibited Matters
Art. 6. The User is prohibited from the following acts or acts which are likely to cause such acts:
(1) Violation of copyrights and other rights,
(2) Violation of property rights and privacy,
(3) Abuse to the City and/or third parties.
(4) Threats to the public order or offering such information to a third party,
(5) Criminal activities or other acts similar to criminal activities,
(6) Election campaigns (regardless if such an act is conducted in a campaign period or not)
(7) Acts related to pornography, religion, and/or politics,
(8) Use and/or distribution of malware through the Wireless LAN, regardless the consent of its recipients.
(9) Transmission of electronic mails to an unspecified large number of recipients for the purposes
including but not limited to online marketing, multilevel marketing transactions, and/or business
opportunity related sales transactions,
(10) Transmission of a large volume of data through, including but not limited to, file sharing software, and
(11) Illegal activities and other activities which cause disadvantages and/or damages to the City or third parties.
Halt of Operation
Art. 7. The City reserves the right to halt the operation of the Wireless LAN when either of the following
condition is met:
(1) The City’s network system maintenance or other services,
(2) Incapability of the normal operation of the Wireless LAN due to a war, a riot, a disturbance, a labor
dispute, a natural disaster, a power failure, and other emergency situations,
(3) The Wireless LAN system failure, and
(4) Other situations in which the City determines the necessity to halt the operation of the Wireless LAN.
Art. 8. The City is not liable for the User’s loss or damage listed below incurred during the use of the
Wireless LAN:
(1) Loss or damage to the User or a third party due to the offering, modification, and/or halt of the
Wireless LAN,
(2) Loss of damage to the User or a third party caused by the loss of information registered, provided,
or collected through the Wireless LAN,
(3) Loss of damage to the User or a third party caused by data corruption or leakage due to computer
viruses infection,
(4) Loss or damage to the User or a third party caused by the acts listed in Article 7 above, and
(5) Other loss or damage to the User or a third party related to the use of the Wireless LAN, and/or
dispute between the User and a third party.
Art. 9. The City reserves the right to modify the Term of Use without a prior notice to and consent from the User.
2 The Term of Use is always available at the City’s homepage, and the City shall notify any change
to the terms on the City’s homepage.
3 The User who uses the Wireless LAN after the modification of the Terms of Use shall be deemed
to agree to the modified Terms of Use.
The Terms of Use is in effect from 01/04/2015.
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