OWS of PAN PACS 2018 will be held in TATEYAMA

Last Update : May 1, 2018

OWS of PAN PACS 2018 will be held on August 14th at Hojyo beach, in Tateyama.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government will experiment on improving the water quality of Tokyo bay this summer, so they decided to change the place for OWS be held in Tateyama.

Also, Tateyama has hosted OWS from 2000 to 2015 at Hojyo beach.

Mayor of Tateyama stated, "It is a great honor to us that OWS of PAN PACS 2018 will be held in Tateyama. That water quality of Tateyama bay and the impact it has on OWS in Tateyama has been highly evaluated. We would love to do as much as we can do in order to have a successful OWS of PAN PACS 2018."

OWS will be held at Hojyo beach in Tateyama, every month this summer.

June 2 OWS Oceans Cup 2018 Hojyo beach in Tateyama
July 15 to 16 22th OWS festivals
August 14 OWS of PAN PACS 2018
September 23 94th National Swimming Championships

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