Observers from the Netherland visited Tateyama for the first time!!


 On October 21, group of observers have visited Tateyama city for the purpose of the
prior camping for the Tokyo Olympics 2020.
The observers from the Netherland was Olympic Committee senior project manager
Yvonne van der Geer, the federation of swimming coach Mark Faber, the federation
of volleyball Bram Ronnes.
 Very fine afternoon, Mayor of Tateyama City Mr. Kanamaru and the General Manager
of Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympics promotion division of Tateyama             
Echiko Tamamura (Echiko Maeda) welcomed the observers and guided to the exercise facilities.
 We first visited the Beach Volleyball coat area to confirm the condition of the sand and also
the net condition which the team will be using. Then we also guided the group to the practice
field of Open Water Swimming and explained about the depth of the water, condition of the flow.
The comment from the observer was "The environment here is so splendid, and can be relaxed".”
Each facility does not have any problem, too. “When we return we would like to  make a discussion
with the member and then if necessary we would like to contact again.

*Echiko Tamamura (Echiko Maeda) :
General Manager of 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympics Promotion Division of Tateyama
One of the Japanese volleyball player and is Olympic champion. She was a member of the
Japanese gold medal winning team at the 1976 Olympic Games (Montreal. Canada).
She is living in Tateyama, Chiba pref.

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