Access from Tokyo

Last Update : April 1, 2021

By Car

Nearest highway exit is "Tomiura", Futtsu Tateyama Expressway by car

By Highway Bus: "Nanohana-go"

30 shuttles daily (depart every 30mins) take 108mins at fastest
Fare: 2,500yen (one-way, adult)
Need to make a reservation  by highway bus

By JR train

The main JR station in Tateyama is "Tateyama Station".
Tateyama has 3 JR train station: "Nakofunakata Station", "Tateyama Station", and "Kokonoe Station".

There are 3 or 4 limited express trains run between Tokyo Station to Tateyama Station everyday. Those trains take about 111mins and 3820yen for one-way, adult. by JR
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