Tateyama International Exchange Society (TIES)

Last Update : September 6, 2017

Tateyama International Exchange Society performs international exchanges established in 1993.
The society is made up of 8 committees, and each committee performs as a grassroots exchange in local level.


1) General Planning Committee / 総務企画委員会
Issuing “TIES LETTER”, planning events
2) Language Committee / 語学委員会
Monthly language workshops invite foreign resident as a speaker (every 2nd Friday), welcome and farewell party for ALT and CIR, Japanese classes for foreign residents
3) Homestay Committee / ホームステイ委員会
Arrange homestay and related services
4) Cultural Exchange Committee I / 文化交流第一委員会
International education for preschool children
5) Cultural Exchange Committee II / 文化交流第二委員会
Exchanges on traditional Japanese dancing
6) Cultural Exchange Committee III / 文化交流第三委員会
Introducing Japanese cultures such as Tea ceremony, flower arrangements, and Japanese paper dolls
7) Bellingham Committee / ベリンハム委員会
Sister city exchanges with Bellingham, WA, USA
8) Port Stephens Committee / ポートスティーブンス委員会
Sister city exchanges with Port Stephens, NSW, Australia
Exchanges on Pacific Rim Regatta (sail boat race held every two years in Tateyama, Bellingham, Port Stephens, Tauranga, Victoria, or Nakhodka)

※ Since May.2017 Sport Committee / スポーツ委員会 have merged with Port Stephens Committee / ポートスティーブンス委員会

How to join?

To join Tateyama International Exchange Society (TIES), you need to belong any of committee.

If you would like to join TIES, fill out the membership application form below and select one or more committees you would like to join, and then send the membership application form to the secretariat.
Name: Tsutomu Takiguchi, Secretary general
Address: 145-4 Miyagi, Tateyama City 294-0033
Phone Number: 0470-28-5468

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