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Last Update : March 31, 2014

Awa Shrine(安房神社)

Awa Shrine This is one of the oldest shrines in Chiba Prefecture, and is recorded in the “Engi-shiki” (a compilation of laws detailing imperial court ceremonies and etiquette, penal measures, and local administration). In the first week of January, a large number of area residents visit the shrine to pray for blessings of health and good fortune in the coming year.
◇Address: 589 Daijingu, Tateyama City
◇Phone Number: 0470-28-0034

Nago-ji Temple(那古寺)

Nago-ji Temple It is said that Nago-ji Temple was constructed in the year 717. Inside the temple is a bronze statue of the Kannon goddess of mercy, designated as a national cultural asset. The temple also has a two-story wooden pagoda that is a designated prefectural cultural asset.
◇Address: 1125 Nago, Tateyama City
◇Phone Number: 0470-27-2444

Tsurugaya Hachimangu Yawata Shrine(鶴谷八幡宮 八幡神社)

Yawata Shrine According to some, this shrine was moved in the Kamakura period (1185-1333) from where the current Minamiboso City administration is located to its current location.
The building that stands today was rebuilt in the beginning of the 18th century. Inside is the “100 Dragons” display, a designated cultural asset made of the statues of 54 dragons that was completed in 1866. The main shrine is also a municipal cultural asset.
◇Address: 76 Yawata, Tateyama City
◇Phone Number: 0470-22-1258

Gakekannnon / Daifuku-ji Temple(崖観音 大福寺)

Gakekannon This hillside cliff-temple is located 70 meters up a volcanic tuff cliff, and was established in 723. Inside the temple is a carved “relief” sculpture, a protective goddess statue dedicated to the safety of fishers and farmers. The panoramic view of Tateyama from Gake Kannon is fantastic.
◇Address: 835 Funakata, Tateyama City
◇Phone Number: 0470-27-2247

Kozuka Daishi(小塚大師)

Kozuka Daishi Kozuka Daishi is said to built in 815 A.D. by Kobo Daishi. It is known as one of the Kanto region’s exorcising three temples. Every year on January 21st, Kozuka Daishi has the first festival of the year, and on March 21st has spring festival. Both festivals are very crowded with people devout.
◇Address: 2161 Daijingu, Tateyama City
◇Phone Number: 0470-28-1341

Koami-ji Temple(小網寺)

Koami-ji Temple's Bell Koami-ji Temple was said to built by Gyoki in 710 A.D., and was flourished as an training place for esoteric Buddhism. Koami-ji Temple’s Bell is famous as it was designated cultural asset of national importance. This bell was said to formed in 1286, has 107 cm in height and 62.1 cm in circumference.
◇Address: 859 Idenoo, Tateyama City
◇Phone Number: 0470-23-7226

Jyourakuzann Mantoku-ji Temple(常楽山萬徳寺)

Mantoku-ji Temple The large statue in Mantoku-ji Temple was made in 1982. It is 16 meters long, 3.75 meters high, and weighs 30 tons. This particular statue is made of bronze, and is one of the largest bronze Reclining Buddha statues in the world. One can also enjoy the wonderful view of the surrounding fields, greenery, and the Pacific Ocean from the garden next to the statue.
◇Address: 1571 Sunomiya, Tateyama City
◇Phone Number: 0470-28-2013
◇Hours: 9:00-17:00 (during winter closed at 16:00)
◇Fare: 500yen (adult), 100yen (elementary & Junior High School Student), 400 yen (High School &University Student, over 65 years old)

Funakoshi Natagiri Shrine(船越鉈切神社)

Funakoshi Natagiri Shrine This large cave located in the behind of shrine was gradually formed naturally from wave erosion approximately 6000 years ago. Through tectonic movements the current height above the ground is around 25 meters.
Fishers used this cave as a workshop around 4000 years ago (Jomon era) later; around 1500 years ago (Tumulus era) the cave was used as a tomb. More recently, inside the cave there is a Shrine that is dedicated to the sea god, which is frequented by local fisherman.
◇Address: 125-36 Hamada, Tateyama City

Kainannatagiri Shrine(海南刀切神社)

Kainannatagiri Shrine At the behind of shrine, there is a large stone which looks like divided into two. This stone was said to divided by the god who came from the ocean, or also it was said to divided in order to soothe the big snake which was tortured people. The sculpture on the shrine and a pair of stone guardian dogs are worth seeing.
◇Address: 788 Kenbutsu, Tateyama City
◇Phone Number: 0470-29-0907

Sunosaki Shrine(洲崎神社)

Sunosaki Shrine This is a very old shrine which was said to built in 660 B.C. when the Emperor Jinmu was born. In Kamakura period (1180), Minamoto no Yoritomo lost the battle in Mt. Ishibashi, and then he escaped here. There is a record that he visited and prayed for his wife’s (Hojo Masako) safe delivery in this shrine.
◇Address: 1344 Sunosaki, Tateyama City
◇Phone Number: 0470-29-0713

Yoro-ji Temple(養老寺)

Yoro-ji Temple Yoro-ji Temple was said to built by En no Gyoja, and has a cave which leaves En no Gyoja’s legend. According to the Nanso Satomi Hakkenden (a historical novel), the princess Fuse was sickly when she was a child, so she visited this temple and prayed for good health. Then, she met En no Gyoja at this temple and received eight balls from him.
◇Address: 1331 Sunosaki, Tateyama City
◇Phone Number: 0470-29-0833

Kokubun-ji Temple(国分寺)

Kokubun-ji Temple Kokubun-ji Temple (or Awa Kokubun-ji Temple) was said to build in Nara period (710-784 A.D.), but nobody knows the exact year. In the precincts of a temple, there are monument of Tomonoatai Yakanushi who was an award of taking good care of his parents in Heian period, and graves of Awa Sangimin who was killed by against raising taxes in Edo period.
◇Address: 959 Kokubu, Tateyama City
◇Phone Number: 0470-23-5861

Daiganin Temple(大厳院)

Daiganin Temple This temple is dedicated to the wooden statue of seated Amida Nyorai. The four-side stone pagoda and stone mizumuke (water bowl) are designated as tangible cultural properties by Chiba Prefecture. The four-side stone pagoda installed in 1624, and it features four surfaces with “Namu Ami Buddha” engraved in four languages: Japanese (kanji characters), Sanskrit, Chinese (seal characters) and, Korean (Hangeul).
◇Address: 398-1 Ooami, Tateyama City
◇Phone Number: 0470-22-1259
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