Flower ~Summer & Aumtum~

Last Update : March 15, 2016


The floral language  [adoration, false riches]
In Tateno area, you can see 50,000 sunflowers.
And the other, there are 30,000 Sunflowers in Tateyama Family park.


The floral language  [thoughts of absent friends, I mourn your absence]
You can enjoy picking Zinnia in Tateyama Family Park.


The floral language  [jealousy, a pretty love, a brave man]
You can see Marigold on Boso Flower Line.

Sea Bells

The floral language  [tie, friendship]
You can see Sea bells at the Heisaura coast line and Hojo coast line.


The floral language  [false word]
Nipplefruit is an ornamental plant.
Kanamari area is famous for cultivation for Nipplefruit.
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