Tateyama Album

Last Update : September 7, 2016

We published Tateyama album (photo collection book) to introduce our city. There are about 200 pictures on this Tateyama album, and each picture has little explanations. For introducing abroad, we published 4 languages version: English/Japanese, Korean/Japanese, Traditional Chinese/Japanese, and Simplified Chinese/Japanese. In addition, you can see a sample of English/Japanese version at city hall, library, or community centers in several areas.
【To download】
1) Click here, and save the file
2) Open the file you saved
3) Click「gallery.html」, and choose language
Selectable languages are Japanese, English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese
The music is flute played by Sumiko Fukatsu who is a sightseeing ambassador of Tateyama.

Tateyama album
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